Packinox PHE


Product Description

A Packinox heat exchanger is ideal for demanding heat recovery duties in processes with high pressures and temperatures. Its outstanding thermal performance, superior hydraulic efficiency and low CAPEX allow you to optimize energy efficiency, increase profitability and improve sustainability. A Packinox enables higher yield and recovers more heat than a shell-and-tube solution, resulting in better ROI and a lower environmental impact.

Reliable efficiency

  • Lower OPEX – The high heat recovery leads to substantial energy savings. Maintenance costs are also low thanks to minimal fouling.
  • Lower CAPEX – A single Packinox can replace several large shell-and-tubes and makes it possible to operate processes with smaller furnaces and cooling
  • Higher process yield thanks to a low pressure drop, optimal liquid/gas mixing, high operating flexibility and a fully customized design.
  • Reliable, proven technology – More than 350 units in operation worldwide.
  • Real-time monitoring and continuous optimization by Alfa Laval experts.
Packinox heat exchangers combine the high-pressure and high-temperature resistance of shell-and-tube heat exchangers with the outstanding heat transfer performance of plate heat exchangers. A single Packinox heat exchanger outperforms systems consisting of multiple large shell-and-tubes, both in terms of heat recovery and investment costs. Due to its many advantages, Packinox has become the industry standard combined feed/effluent heat exchanger in catalytic reformers and paraxylene plants. The potential OPEX reduction in these applications is significant, and choosing the right heat exchanger has a great impact on energy bills.

Service and support

Our team of process, mechanical and thermal experts is ready to support you from the initial design stages, through the installation and commissioning process, and for the entire lifetime of your Packinox heat exchanger.

Fully customized

Every Packinox heat exchanger is tailored to the exact conditions that it will operate under. Choosing Packinox means you get a very accurate, optimized design, fine-tuned for maximum process yield and heat recovery.

Our engineers cooperate closely with the world’s leading licensors and have more than 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing heat exchangers for the hydrocarbon industry. We make sure you get the best possible solution for your specific plant.

Guaranteed performance

When investing in a Packinox heat exchanger you are not just buying a heat-transfer surface, you are investing in performance. Our unique performance guarantee gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your new heat exchanger will perform as specified.

Built for maximum uptime

All welds subjected to high mechanical stress are laser welded for maximum strength and robustness. All welds are fully accessible for repairs, and individual channels can be plugged if necessary.



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