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Product Description

AlfaVap is a semi-welded heat exchanger designed for rising film evaporation systems involving medias with high concentration and viscosity or as thermosiphon reboiler. It is powerful, robust, thermal efficient and easy to serve.


  • Maximized heat transfer and energy efficient
  • Minimized fouling and scaling
  • Compact unit easy to install and service
  • Adaptable to changing capacity demands

AlfaVap provides higher thermal efficiency than the traditional shell-and-tube evaporators. The efficient utilization of heat transfer area enables a more compact unit that is easy to install. AlfaVap heat exchangers are cost-efficient especially when exotic metal materials are required.

A bit more in detail 

AlfaVap is a semi-welded heat exchanger, i.e. a plate pack has gasket sealed cassettes of two plates that are welded togetherThe fluid is concentrated in the gasketed channel while the steam passes through the welded channel. These units are ideal for when two media have very small temperature difference as it allows for use of a lower grade steam. In most cases this means cutting energy costs.  

The plate pattern generating high turbulence over the whole plate is specifically designed to optimize evaporation. This maximizes the heat transfer efficiency while minimizing fouling and scaling.  

Due to the plate-and-frame design with tightening bolts and pressure plate rollersAlfaVap is easily accessible for inspection and mechanical cleaning. A low hold-up volume allows for using only a small amount of cleaning chemicals when running a leaning-in-Place (CIP) procedure. 

The design is made for easy adjustment to changed capacity needs and plate cassettes can easily be added or removed to the existing frame. The flexibility is a major advantage over shell-and-tube units not allowing for capacity adaptations after installation.  

AlfaVap means trouble-free maintenance and a long service life. Glue-free clip on gaskets, pressure plate holder, bearing boxes and the Five-point alignment system makes opening and closing easy, quick and very safe – both in terms of not damaging the plate pack, but also for the personnel

How it works

AlfaVap is designed for high efficiency rising film evaporation. It has two inlet feed connections located centrally at the bottom of the frame plate and a large outlet for the vapour and concentrate at the top. The heating steam condenses in the welded channels and the evaporating product passes through the gasketed channels.

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